The Youth Advisory Group

The Trustees recognise that those working in the community alongside young people have valuable experience and insight into the needs of young people.  The Youth Advisory Group (YAG)  was established to advise the Trustees and keep them informed of gaps and needs in the youth sector.  

 Positive Youth Development

The Positive Youth Development in Aotearoa (PYDA) framework was written by the YAG.  The framework discusses different approaches to positive youth development to guide communities in the way they organise programmes and support for young people.  The framework is also a valuable resource when the Trust assesses different organisations and projects.

Download the Positive Youth Development in Aotearoa (PYDA) framework here. 

Download the PYDA Summary here



Meet the YAG

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Jono Campbell

Jono Campbell is the General Manager of Te Ora Hou Otautahi. Te Ora Hou Aotearoa is a network of faith-based Māori youth and community development organisations providing a number of innovative programmes for at risk youth.

Jono has a degree in political studies and a diploma in teaching. He began work in the youth sector in 1991 as a junior volunteer at Te Ora Hou, and soon after became a volunteer leader.

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Duane Major

Duane is a pastor at South West Baptist Church in Christchurch and leads the Children and Youth areas as well as coordinating collaboration between Local Communities, Local Mission Initiatives and Ministries of the Church and Independent Trusts.

Fiona Stewart

Fiona Stewart

Fiona is a youth worker at heart and most recently, the co-founder of Cultivate Christchurch. Cultivate Christchurch is a social enterprise on a mission to grow skills and provide meaningful work experience for young people by building a network of productive urban farms across Christchurch and provide employment opportunities by offering productive landscape construction, green space maintenance and community engagement services.

Fiona has a degree in Psychology and Education and Postgraduate qualifications in Health Science and Forensic Mental Health and has huge experience in working with young people and youth development.

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Penny Prescott

Penny is the Manager of the Canterbury Youth Workers and works as a Facilitator for Restorative Justice Services specialising in working with young or Māori participants. Through these roles she has brought a valuable youth-sector-wide view to the Trust since joining the YAG in 2017.

Penny began work in the youth sector as a volunteer at 15 and has worked in several youth, community or Māori development roles before her current ones. She has degrees in both Psychology and Law and has a keen interest in social justice.